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We believe in human progress.
We believe that every individual is important.
We believe that everyone should own their data,
And this right should not be violated.
We believe in the power of decentralization.
In the future,
We are united like never before.
Yet we are independent like never before.
Filecoin provides this opportunity.
We established FIB not only because of the passion of filecoin,
But also faith in the future of mankind.


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FIB Value

  • The Source

    FIB-Filecoin Power Backed Token is a computing power token with filecoin mining machine computing power as the anchor value. When the holder holds more than 1FIB and holds it for a certain period of time, he will receive the Fil generated by the corresponding calculation power as mining income (or called "holding income"). At the same time, FIB can circulate freely among holders, thus providing a convenient exit method for filecoin mining power investors.

  • The Basics

    FIB holders receive fil income from FIB self-built mines and cooperative mines. While improving the energy efficiency ratio of its own mines, FIB will also actively promote cooperation with high-efficiency mines. This mode of operation keeps the computing power per unit corresponding to FIB at a high level, thereby providing FIB holders with more For generous dividend income.

  • Volatility

    When the price of fil in the market volatile, or the relative fluctuation of the calculation power per unit of FIB, it will affect the market valuation of FIB, and thus its market price. Value investors can ignore this fluctuation and choose to hold FIB for a long time and get filecoin dividends, while speculators can benefit from this price fluctuation. The trading volume brought about by speculation has activated the FIB market, giving value investors more opportunities to enter and exit.

  • Expantion

    FIB was established out of belief in a decentralized Internet. The FIB Foundation not only maintains the stability of the transaction itself, but also launches practical actions to promote the development of decentralized networks. The establishment of salons, forums and online communities, as well as cooperation with a variety of NGOs around the world, especially cooperation in data, copyright, and intellectual content, are all important tasks of the FIB Foundation.


  • Foundation establishment

    The FIB Foundation was established based on the decentralized network and the dedication to data ownership. The foundation advocates information transparency and network security, and promotes the large-scale application of filecoin and decentralized networks through team efforts and cooperation with third parties.

  • Foundation's governance principles

    The operation of the FIB Foundation follows the following basic principles: 1. Data ownership should be clear and the boundaries should be clear; 2. Maintain a decentralized development structure; 3. Every individual has an equal right to express opinions; 4. Technology should have its corresponding Social value.

  • Foundation organizational

    The FIB Foundation establishes daily functional departments such as technology, salary, public relations, and finance, and a decision-making committee is elected by equality to maintain the healthy development of the foundation. The foundation will also set up research institutions, cultural institutions, social work institutions and other branches to implement the foundation's social contributions.

FIB global application scenario core architecture diagram

  • FIB's Ecological Environment

    Filecoin is a distributed network built to store the most important information of mankind. It is a safer and more reliable Internet data network solution. Through a decentralized construction method, any provider who is willing to participate in the construction of a data network and can provide network storage capacity can join and sell its storage space, thereby building a new type of Internet infrastructure.

  • Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain technology has the characteristics of "unforgeable", "open and transparent", and "decentralized". Based on these characteristics, blockchain technology has the ability to "trust between parties" without the intervention of a third party. This allows network data records to be passed between any anonymous parties just like real objects, without worrying about trust issues. This approach opens up new possibilities for the Internet world.

  • ERC20 Open Source Protocol

    FIB uses a blockchain network based on the ERC20 open source protocol, which allows users to conduct point-to-point real-time settlement, and can implement multiple smart contracts based on a point-to-point trusted network, thereby establishing a trusted economic model that does not require three-party verification. The ERC20 protocol enables developers to focus more on operations and ecological development without having to redo the entire project for the issuance of tokens.

  • Data Ownership

    Every data producer and user should have complete control over their data. Users should be able to fully decide to whom their data can be shared partially or fully, and how third parties or the public can use their data. People should have data transmission based on complete trust, and not always worry about their own data being used maliciously.

  • Shareing Information

    Information that should be shared by all mankind, such as history, culture, art, knowledge, etc., should be available to anyone at any time. The owner of these precious data should be able to store and safely disclose this data without human interference, so that this information can be shared by all mankind.

  • Decentralized Future

    With the continuous advancement of human civilization and technology, the knowledge, experience, and tools and resources available to individual humans have been greatly improved, and the role that each human can play is getting stronger and stronger. The existing centralized organizational structure should be changed to adapt to the growth of individual humans. Let society be centered on individuals and form a decentralized future.

Our Team

FIB founding team

  • Customer Testimonial

    Master's degree, professional control theory and control engineering; successively worked in a world-class software technology development company, has rich experience in system software development and Internet thinking, and believes that technology changes the world and technology creates the future;

  • Customer Testimonial

    Worked in the software industry for many years, senior software engineer. Since 2014, he has been studying blockchain technology, and has studied blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Fabric, and Siacoin. Participated in the development and landing of several Fortune 500 blockchain application projects.

  • Customer Testimonial

    He has worked in large top companies and has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry. He is good at macro analysis, familiar with various capital market businesses, and has a unique and profound understanding of data analysis, inter-bank and distributed storage businesses.

  • Customer Testimonial

    University Master of Finance and Bachelor of Economics, with a deep understanding of finance and economics. Former senior manager of American hedge fund. Enthusiasts of Bitcoin and participated in multiple blockchain projects. Now he is mainly responsible for FIB global brand promotion.

  • Customer Testimonial

    He has worked in a technology company for 13 years and has extensive Internet operations experience. Good at member operation and product operation. He has successfully been responsible for many large-scale projects such as the mayor's summit and foreign trade circle friends meeting. He is familiar with the operation process of large-scale events and has unique and profound insights into online and offline operation and marketing.

  • Customer Testimonial
    Laura K.

    With 7 years of Internet marketing experience, he is currently mainly responsible for the planning, implementation, project analysis and monitoring of competitors for FIB global market activities.

FIB White Paper

The builder of distributed storage ecology is committed to providing users with services such as distributed storage servers, application software development, and technical support.

About FIB

FIB (Filecoin power backed token) builds a bridge between Filecoin and the general public. To ensure the robustness of the Filecoin network, each network node (or miner) must have strong computing power and considerable storage space, which means huge capital investment and considerable expertise, which gives ordinary people to participate in the Filecoin network A high threshold has been established. FIB provides such a bridging tool. Through the ERC20 protocol and the blockchain network, the number and value of FIB correspond to the value of the Filecoin network, providing ordinary people with equal opportunities to participate in the construction of this decentralized data network.

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